Below are common reasons a reimbursement claim could be rejected, and how best to avoid them.

Please note that this list is not inclusive of all rejection rationale. Please review your program policy for details on the required information and documentation needed.

1. Ineligible

  • The program policy determines what is considered eligible under a program. Please be sure to read through your policy in full to understand what purchases can be approved. You can find your program policy by clicking your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Forma portal.

2. No Name On Receipt

  • If your program requires a name to be listed on the receipt, please ensure that the documentation provided has your name listed. Depending on the program, first, last, or full name may be required.

  • If a merchant does not automatically include your name, please reach out directly and request a name be listed on the receipt provided.

3. No Receipt Date

  • In order to validate the purchase was made during an eligible period, the purchase date or receipt date must be listed on the document/receipt attached. If it is not listed, your claim could be rejected.

  • Please note that "Today" cannot be used to validate a receipt date. The full date ("MM/DD/YYYY", "DD/MM/YYYY", "Month, Day, Year", etc.) must be listed.

4. No Purchased Item Name

  • In order to validate the purchase is eligible under your program, the item name must be listed on the document attached. Without an item name, Forma cannot determine what you are purchasing and whether it is eligible under the program.

  • If the receipt does not include an itemized list of expenses, please reach out to the merchant/provider directly to request an itemized receipt.

5. No Purchase Amount

  • The purchase amount must be listed in order to validate the claim amount being requested.

If you are taking a picture of a physical receipt or a screenshot of a digital receipt, please ensure all information needed is included in the copy to avoid rejection.

The rejection rationale above should be used as a guideline, and are not inclusive of all required information and documentation needed under a specific program. Please read through your policy in full to understand what is required to get your claim approved!

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