*Important Note: This only applies to users who have CDH accounts with Forma, including LPFSA, FSA, DCFSA, HSA, and Commuter.

"You can see your available balance for your Benefits Accounts (CDH Accounts). Let's take a look at the details!" This line seems not to be needed.

Available CASH

This is the amount you can access with your card or the amount you can get reimbursed with manual claims.


This is the amount is deducted from your paycheck each pay cycle and added to your Benefits Account(FSA, HSA, Commuter, ETC.) You can see the contributions listed on the Transactions page.

For example, my paycheck is deducted with $114.58 as a contribution I make towards the FSA account in February. You would see the following transaction details for your FSA account.

For an HSA account, you may see "Payroll Deposit<br/>Payroll Date" instead of "Contributions" on the transaction page, but it is the same concept.

If you do not see the contributions or payroll deposits be posted to your account, please reach out to our Member Experience Team.

Card Transaction

If you have made any card transactions, you will see the merchant name and the amount posted on the transaction page. The following transaction detail will show me making a $102.12 on FSAStore.com on 1/14/2021.


If you submit a manual claim for reimbursements, you will get reimbursed for the approved amount. The description of the transaction will be "CATEGORY+VENDOR NAME" of the claim.

For example, I have purchased a $202.58 OTC item on Amazon. When I submit the claim, I put AMAZON.COM in the Vendor Name, and select OTC as category. Once the claim is shown paid on your claim page, it will show up in the transaction page. The date of the transaction is the date you submit the claim.

Do not be confused by the description! We ONLY PAY YOU for any manual claims, not the provider. The details on the transaction page are for you to understand what was the money for.

HSA Pay-Myself

If you use the Pay Myself function to get reimbursed, you will see the following transaction details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Member Experience Team via live-chat, email to support@joinforma.com, or call us at 844-902-2902.

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